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ORVIETO � September 14-19, 2014
On the ancient road between Rome and Florence, Orvieto occupies a promontory that overlooks a lush landscape of olive groves, vineyards and spreading oaks. Our lodgings and class space are in the Istituto San Lodovico, a convent whose outer walls are part of the medieval fortifications that made the town a center of power and commerce during the Renaissance. Decorated with frescoes that the nuns attribute to Michelangelo, the istituto makes an inspiring and comfortable home base for a week of exploring the land, the people and one’s own vision. This town is ideal for that exploration: Built on Etruscan and Roman foundations, Orvieto’s ancient stone architecture is stunning. Few cars are allowed in the town center, enhancing the atmosphere and making it easier to focus on making great images. Guests benefit from the townspeople’s pride in culture, dedication to fine cuisine and tradition of hospitality.

This workshop will focus on a range of skills designed to help amateur photographers get beyond the snapshot to express their personal vision with digital photography. Each day will include a shooting assignment designed to sharpen skills in specific areas. We’ll dedicate time to landscape and street photography as well as portraiture, still-life and the telling detail. We’ll take day trips that give photographers access to unique opportunities to meet the people of Orvieto and encounter intimate aspects of Umbrian life and work. We'll sample the award-winning wines and photograph the harvest at one of Orvieto's spectacular vineyards — the award-winning Palazzone. We'll explore an ancient monastery, founded by St. Francis, that is far off the beaten track, and we'll enjoy the fruit of the region's amazing truffle harvest at local trattorias.

Each day will include some class time to learn more about how to get the most out of your digital camera along with some basic editing and adjustment techniques. Using a digital slide projector, we’ll share and discuss our previous day’s work. With two instructors, each participant can expect plenty of one-on-one coaching. Most evenings, we’ll eat in local cafes and restaurants, and afterward join the citizens of Orvieto for one of Italy’s time-tested rituals, the evening stroll or passeggiata. At least one half-day will be free time for independent explorations, photography, or just a glass of Orvieto classico in the shade.


Photographers who want to hone their skills and find inspiration in a dramatic and fun setting. Participants should have a digital SLR or an advanced digital compact with the capacity for manual settings. The trip won’t be physically demanding, but participants should be able to walk three miles each day without difficulty; we’ll be doing a lot of exploration and shooting on foot.

Traveler's Eye in the Twin Cities and in Paris: Join us for workshops at the Minneapolis Photo Center and in the City of Light. Richard Sennott regularly teaches courses at the Minneapolis Photo Center and Chris Welsch is available for one-on-one street photography classes and coaching in Paris; 250 euros for half-day classes, and 400 euros for full-day courses.

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Instructor: Richard Sennott

Instructor: Chris Welsch

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